Fear and Scarcity Guest Blog from Machel Jordan

Greeting All! 

I'm very excited to share with you a guest blog from Machel Jordan of Reflect Reinvent. Machel goes into great detail on our upcoming workshops theme. If you have any questions about the work we do or why we are doing it, I think Machel answers a lot of those questions here. Enjoy! 

Guest Blog by Machel Jordan

Fear and scarcity - just looking at the words causes contraction. Let’s define the words.
Fear:  to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant)
Scarcity: a very small supply
Fear and scarcity thoughts and feelings occur for all of us at times. However; if fear and scarcity controls our judgment, this can have devastating affects on our quality of life. It becomes a barrier blocking us from abundance and the joy of living.
What if we had a choice about fear and scarcity controlling our life?
Believe it or not - we do.
Believe, it’s a key that leads to this basic principle:
Our beliefs, values, habits and thoughts control our feelings. Our feelings control our behaviors and actions. Our behaviors and actions control our results.
So what if we choose the opposite of fear and scarcity, which is courage and abundance? How can we breakthrough fear and scarcity to embrace the new possibility of courage and abundance?
Use the key – change our beliefs, values, habits and thoughts at the core. This can be done. Absolute honesty is required. Self-awareness - staying conscious in any given moment. Noticing: choices (even not making a choice is a choice). Lasting change only happens when we change our beliefs, values, habits and thoughts – but we have to authentically want the change. Cognitive Dissonance is part of the process and causes discomfort.
Would you like more core-changing principles?  Then join us on July 23, 2016 for a life changing experience – not a read more.
Machel Jordan and Kaytea Hendricks will facilitate breaking through core beliefs, values, habits and thoughts that bind us to a less than abundant courageous life in an intensive full day workshop. Structured experiential processes facilitating break-through and lasting change will be woven into the day.  The day involves various interactive experiences including intuitive health coaching and on the ground horse activities to help move fear and scarcity out and courage and abundance in.